About Me

The most daring of Specialty Acts

Not coming from a circus or dance background, Lucky Hell has still been able to secure her name amongst the most well know cabaret and circus artists of her generation and one of the most well known sword swallowers in the world.

Lucky Hell has been seen on stages such as Franco Dragone ‘Taboo’ and Lido de Paris ‘Paris Merveilles’ show, Roncalli Apollo, La Soiree, ‘Oh La La’ Zurich, Lio Ibiza, Stuttgart Weltweihnachtscircus, Carre Weltweihnachtscircus and tv shows such as Germanys Got Talent, Italy’s Got Talent, Game of Talents UK, FashionTV Asia and a special guest act on Dancing with the Stars (Finland)

Along with these notable appearance Lucky Hell has been seen on various magazine and newspaper cover stories and a string of tv slots promoting circus and variety shows around the world. Her ease in front of the camera, undeniably eye catching look, extreme and unique skill make her a favourite for media interviews and promotional spots.

With a striking image, Lucky is an act that will demand press attention and media enquiries.

‘Inked’ magazine cover, France
The Hole 2, promotional image
photo by Fabou Photographer